Hummy (hummy) wrote,

Am I Wry? No

A lady my Mum used to know passed away earlier this week, she recounted to me what had happened. The lady had been out shopping for the day and was waiting at the Bus Terminal to return home, quite unexpectedly however she felt the effects of asphyxiation, in distress she asked a nearby stranger if she could make use of their phone to call her Daughter.

Her Daughter promptly arrived and insisted she take her Mother directly to the hospital. On her journey to the Hospital her mum explained to her that she had difficulty breathing . A little later on asking if she was feeling any better, the daughter received no response. She pulled over to come to the realisation that her Mother had passed away in those few minutes of silence...

Although I don't know the lady in question, the story seemed to hit a nerve. I think perhaps the idea of something so seemingly routine as going Shopping could lead to such ends, brought home the realisation of my own mortality and those of the people I love and care about.

It prompted me to think about Life and Death and inevitably questions of theology. My belief in God is questionable to say the least. I guess for some -- Religion provides a comfort and a meaning to their Lives. However my suspicion towards religion in general means that I find Death terrifying. The thought that there is nothing else...petrifies me. Without faith in empyrean I find no comfort in looking at my own Death. My eventual demise on this Mortal Coil is something that I can't change. There's not anything that anybody can do.


Strangely enough I've found comfort in the most unlikely of places. The Laws of Thermodynamics tell us that “Energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.” So if we're all just Strings of Energy maybe even when we do die, we won't disappear, we'll just become part of something else, I'd like to think someday I'll become part of the Sky.
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