Hummy (hummy) wrote,

New Born

On Friday I walked to Stratford, it's quite depressing to think that I've resorted to such lengths for 'entertainment' -- my life is horribly dull. In any case, Stratford isn't reknowned for it's bevvy of Beauties, but I noticed a very attractive and very misplaced young lady. My self-confidence has extinguished, so I was in no-way ready to introduce myself. However I had noted that I'd seen her in a number of places throughout the Afternoon.

At one point, I could have sworn that she was chasing me, literally. In fact, it seemed to me, that she was trying to gain my attention. This couldn't be for real could it? As I stopped in my tracks to turn around, she handed over my Glasses (that I had apparently dropped), "You dropped your glasses earlier, here you go." I said "Thanks", stood there awkwardly for a minute, she then turned around, walked into the crowd and faded away. Why didn't I say anything? Why didn't I say anything?
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